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Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig

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Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig

Sharpen your chain saw with confidence using the Chainsaw Sharpener. Featuring a durable metal design, this sharpener is ideal for all makes and models of chainsaws. The pull-through design allows you to sharpen one tooth at a time to remove the damage without needing to re-grind the entire chain. A self-centering design ensures accuracy each time, while a guide bushing captures the cutting edges of the chain and ensures correct sharpening angles.

Use the chainsaw chain grinding attachment to make your chainsaw as sharp as new, making your job more efficient and labor saving!

To operate this is as easy as using a pencil sharpener: simply place the clamps on the rod, position the pawl on the tooth, insert the cutter into the guide sleeve and turn the handle.

Each time you sharpen a tooth, simply you need to pull the chain and with precise sharpening will ensures that every tooth is repaired!

The pawl will acts as a stop to ensure your accuracy and repeatable tooth positioning.

Standard 30° sharpened front angle, anodized aluminum fixture with a detachable crank and a set of guide bushings,can be used for all chain saws.



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