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College girls, don’t become another statistic – your After-school job might not be as safe as you think

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | by Jessica Turner

As a hardworking college student with dreams to fulfill and a loving family to care for, I decided to work at a famous supermarket after classes. These jobs provided me with the money to pay for my school fees, support my little sister, and buy me some time until I finished college and started my dream career as a lawyer. Little did I know, the very place that supported my aspirations would also be the setting for a life-altering experience.

We live in a world where danger can strike at any moment, often in the places we least expect it. Life can be unpredictable. We’re constantly warned about the dangers that lurk in the shadows – the quiet, dimly lit streets, walking home alone after a late night, or traveling to unfamiliar places. But who would have thought that the real danger awaited me in the very parking lot I visited every day after work? Yeah, it’s not any other place else, it’s the parking lot that everyone has to visit after their work, university, grocery shopping, etc. The false sense of security in that familiar environment nearly cost me everything, and it’s a lesson I’ll never forget.

Did you know that parking lots and garages are the third most common locations for physical and sexual assaults against women, as revealed by a study from the National Institute of Justice? According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were approximately 36,000 parking lot and garage assaults annually between 2012 and 2016.

It was a typical evening as I clocked out of work and headed to the parking lot, the same place I had walked through countless times before. I was lost in my thoughts about my tomorrow exam and what should be the surprising birthday gift for my little sister – when suddenly, a menacing figure lunged at me from behind. Panic set in as I realized I was under attack. I felt a sudden, paralyzing grip on my arm. As he tightened his grip around my neck, the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. I had dreams to achieve, a family who loved me, and a life I wasn’t ready to lose.

In that moment, I remembered the mini safety kit I’d tucked away in my bag (a gift from my beloved grandmother), never thinking I’d need it. Desperate and determined, I fumbled for the pepper spray, aimed it at my attacker’s face who is behind me, and pulled the trigger. He recoiled in agony, loosening his grip, and I seized the opportunity to flee. As I ran, I activated the safety sound alarm, its ear-piercing 130dB shriek cutting through the night air. The alarm caught the attention of several employees and customers still inside the store, who rushed to my aid. My attacker, realizing he was outnumbered, disappeared back into the shadows from which he came.

I shudder to think what could have happened if I hadn’t used the safety kit tools that night. I could have become just another tragic story like so many other girls in my area who faced similar attacks, only to be left with physical and emotional scars that would haunt them for years to come. I was lucky, but I know now that it’s not enough to rely on luck.

I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I returned home that night, shaken but unharmed. My thoughts raced as I recalled the moment the On-The-Go Mini Suitcase Safety Kit had saved me from a potentially tragic fate. I knew I had to find out more about this incredible tool and share it with others who, like me, were striving to build a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

I asked my grandmother where she had purchased the safety kit, and she happily shared her source. Fueled by a newfound passion for empowering others, I began to research and promote the On-The-Go Mini Suitcase
Safety Kit to every college girl I knew. My hope was that by sharing my story and introducing them to this life-saving tool, I could help protect the dreams of countless young women who were working hard to achieve their goals.

I encourage every mother out there to consider purchasing one of these kits for your daughters, as we can’t be with them 24/7. The peace of mind that comes from knowing they are equipped to defend themselves in a dangerous situation is priceless. As for me, I’m buying one for my little sister, especially the pepper spray, so she can protect herself when I’m not there to watch over her.

P.S. Don’t wait for danger to strike before you take action. Give the gift of safety and confidence to the hardworking college girls and young women in your life. They deserve to pursue their dreams without fear, and the On-The-Go Mini Suitcase Safety Kit can help make that possible.

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Latest Comments

Sam Simons

Has anyone used this themselves?

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 Hour

Belinda Shafe

These are amazing for any skin type. I use it on my face mostly, and it keeps hair gone for weeks, if not months!!!

Like · Reply · 8 · 3 Hours

Mike Wright

So glad I came across this. I got 2... 1 for me and one for my sister, we both use them all the time and I haven't used a razor in weeks!

Like · Reply · 6 · 6 Hours

Vogt Anders

How long does it take to ship to Kentucky?

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 Hours

Sue Simmons

Got this super quick! Took about 3 days after I ordered. Works pretty well too, would recommend!

Like · Reply · 14 · 16 Hours

Joann Mickel

I bought one of these to take on camping trips and I'm loving it! The charge lasts a long time and it always works flawlessly

Like · Reply · 16 · 18 Hours

Vanessa Silo

Very easy to use and the fact that you can take it anywhere is awesome

Like · Reply · 24 · 23 Hours


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